Christmas on Mistletoe Lane by Annie Rains

Christmas on Mistletoe Lane is a sweet holiday romance which brings together two strangers who jointly inherit a crumbling bed and breakfast and must work together to revive it. Kaitlyn and Mitch are forced together in a small town in North Carolina and the result is a charming story of healing, redemption, hard work, and creativity. Both hold secrets about their pasts that they’d rather not talk about, yet these secrets inform their lives in ways the other can’t dream about. Working on the B&B forces them to confront their pasts, together.

This was a very sweet, feel-good book that left me wanting more (I can’t wait to see which other characters the next books in the series will focus on, there seem to be so many options!). It captured the holiday spirit perfectly, and had a dose of diversity that was highly welcome in the genre.