This Day is Our Day

I’ve been holding off writing a true First Post for this blog, wanting to do it the right way by having a proper introduction. That may or may not ever happen, but today is a day I want to reflect on, so perhaps this day will be a good first post day.

One year ago today, my Panda Bear was born. My life changed- my life now looks nothing at all like my life before this day a year ago, and it has been such a change for the good.

So much has happened in the past year.

Our Bear has grown into the small person she is becoming, and out of the tiny infant she was. She’s rolled over, started eating solid food, and started saying her first words. She’s stood on her own and walked with help. She’s squealed with delight when her River Dog comes running towards her and licks her feet, and she’s screamed in frustration when she’s tired and having a hard time coping.

We’ve grown as a family. We moved across the country seven months ago and haven’t looked back since. We’ve gone on adventures and seen all things through our baby’s eyes- as though for the first time. We’ve learned just how little sleep is needed for survival, and just how much cooperation is needed to thrive.

The best part is that we’re all still learning. Miss Bear is learning how to be a kiddo instead of a baby. She’s learning how to walk and talk and do things independently. As parents we’re learning how to parent, how to be married now that our marriage includes a small person, and how to be way more flexible than we ever imagined.

And that all brings us to this day. This one special milestone day in which our baby Panda Bear turns into a bigger Panda Bear. I know to her, it just seems like another day- marked only by the cupcake she’ll mangle after dinner and the special balloon we picked out this morning after our walk. But for me it’s so much more.

To me this is the day that my life changed, and I feel remarkably protective of it. It happens to be the solstice, which seems apt. Anything I read or hear about happening today, I hope that these events know how important of a day it is. It’s the day Bear was born and the world is better now. I just hope we can make the world into a place where she can thrive safely and happily.